Science of Soft Robots – Interdisciplinary integration of mechatronics, material science, and bio-computing

Invited research

Public invitation of research for 2019-2020

Aims and scope

In recent years, emerging academies oriented towards “softness” have grown in diverse fields such as machinery, electronics, information processing, and materials science. In this research area, we combine these new academies to create “knowledge systems on soft autonomous artifacts” based on the values of biological systems, which significantly differ from the “hard” values and methodologies of conventional artifacts and machines. In this area, we have already established three research divisions: “A01: Soft bodies,” “A02: Soft movements,” and “A03: Soft intelligence,” and have been conducting research to integrate different fields.

The publicly invited researches strive to implement research that complements the current research and development items through cooperation and collaboration. We have set two divisions: “B01: Bud of Soft Science” and “B02: Social Development of Soft Robots” for the public invitation.

In B01: Bud of Soft Science, we solicit participation in new academic buds that impact “softness.” We expect such tasks will be the driving force to promote research on topics including the soft form and intelligence of living organisms, soft sensor actuator robots, soft functional materials/organic materials, and simulation/control of dynamic systems composed of soft objects.

In B02: Social Development of Soft Robots, we publicly invite research tasks aimed toward the social development of soft robots. For example, we welcome practical research that can have a large impact on a super aging/population or declining society as well as efforts by humanities/sociology accompanying their social development.

In this area, we strive to promote research by fusing research tasks and calling for proposals to promote collaborative research. If you are planning a specific collaboration or integration with core research in the area, please consult with the appropriate core research group described on the website. The contact email address is posted at the end of this page.

Public invitation procedure

Please see Application Procedures for JSPS KAKENHI Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas and Grant-in-Aid for Special Purpose) (PDF:3828KB) posted on the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology homepage. You can find descriptions regarding public invitation of research on pages 22, 43, and 48.

Forms and instructions

Please refer to (2) Continuous research area of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology homepage.

Contact us

For inquiries about the integration of research items and planning research, please contact the administration office using the email address below.