Science of Soft Robots – Interdisciplinary integration of mechatronics, material science, and bio-computing

B02-06 : Soft Peristaltic Mechanism Based on Enteric Neural Structure for Chemical/Food Plants


Leader Taro Nakamura (Chuo University)

The purpose of this research is to establish the technology for the practical application of a peristaltic pump system, which is one of the soft robots. Conveying and mixing of highly viscous fluids is an important process in chemical and food factories. However, these processes are not sufficiently efficient. Therefore, the authors will try to apply the peristaltic pump based on intestinal motion to these processes. In order to apply the peristaltic pump to these processes, the following will be clarified.

  1. Development of an advanced sensing system for conveying objects that are high viscosity slurries.
  2. Development of a control system for efficient mixing and conveying.