Science of Soft Robots – Interdisciplinary integration of mechatronics, material science, and bio-computing

B02-05 : Development of an embryo transfer system using a light-actuated microrobot


Leader Masashi Ikeuchi (University of Tokyo)

The low implantation rate in embryo transfer after In-Vitro Fertilization and serious events such as ectopic pregnancies can be attributed to the uncontrolled position of the embryo in the uterus. Therefore, in order to precisely hold the embryo in an appropriate position on the uterine wall, it is necessary to store the fertilized egg in a microrobot, transfer it into the uterus, grow the fertilized egg to a blastocyst in the device held in the uterus, and release the embryo into the uterus at the optimal timing for implantation. In this study, we develop an implantable device using a flexible photoresponsive shape-memory polymer that can be positioned inside the body and remotely actuated by near-infrared light.