The 1st International Workshop on Science of Soft Robots

Open international workshop “The 1st Workshop for Soft Artifacts” will be held at TokyoTech as below.

Date and location

Date: 4 December 2018
Location: ELSI-1 (Isikawadai Bldg. 7) Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Access map:


  • 10:00 Dr. Koichi Suzumori (Prof. in Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    “Introduction of Science of Soft Robot”
  • 10:15 Dr. Matteo Cianchetti (Asst. Prof. in BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)
    Invited talk
  • 10:45 Dr. Ryuma Niiyama (Asst. Prof. in The University of Tokyo)
  • 11:00 Dr. Toshinori Fujie (Assoc. Prof. in Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • 11:15 Dr. Shingo Maeda (Assoc. Prof. in Shibaura Institute of Technology)